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AOA NOW: February 14, 2018
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Feb. 14, 2018

TODAY: Complimentary COPM & COPM-C Webinar

Join us at 1 p.m. Eastern for a complimentary, informative webinar to find out more about the practice management certifications sponsored by the Association of Otolaryngology Administrators (AOA).

The Certification in Otolaryngology Practice Management (COPM) is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated mastery of core competencies specific to otolaryngology practice management. The COPM signifies success in a leadership role and the ability to manage a practice in the most professional and resourceful manner. The COPM is designed for management professionals who work in an ENT practice.

The Certification in Otolaryngology Practice Management – Corporate (COPM-C)defines the knowledge required to successfully guide practices through their consultations, sales and education to improve the practice of otolaryngology practice management and the business of otolaryngology. Achieving the COPM-C signifies that you have the knowledge in place to effectively assist with advancing otolaryngology practice management. The COPM-C is designed for individuals working for companies that support ENT practices.

We will discuss the certification process and benefits, and why you should apply and take the exam in 2018. You don't want to miss this - register now!


Employers Must Notify Workers of Possible Premium Assistance

Employers providing group health insurance in states with premium assistance through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) must provide annual notice of that assistance before the start of each plan year.

The notice explains how employees can find out if premium assistance is available, and how to apply for Medicare or CHIP coverage for dependents. Here's what employers need to know. Employers can choose to provide the notice on its own or concurrent with the furnishing of:


1. Materials notifying the employee of health plan eligibility

2. Materials provided to the employee in connection with an open season or election process conducted under the plan

3. The summary plan description (SPD)

If all of the above are complete, the employer should distribute the revised CHIP Notice as an ad hoc "Notice" to employees for review and receipt acknowledgement.

A copy of the revised notice from the Department of Labor can be found here.

Which states provide premium assistance? If you live in one of the following states, premium assistance may be available:

New Hampshire


Tell Us Why You Belong To The AOA

Each week, we have featured a member in this newsletter. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming AOA Now, email us a picture of you with a 2-3 sentence answer of why you belong to the AOA!



AOA's newest member platform - engagemENT - is the perfect place to post your questions to your otolaryngology colleagues. This week's highlight looks at PTO policies. Check out the highlight below, and be sure to catch up on engagemENT topics via the Real Time or Daily Digest email update options or by accessing the platform today. Check out the original post on engagemENT.

Q: We are in the process of revising our PTO policy and was wondering what others do. How much PTO does each employee receive? Do you allow them to carry-over unused time at the end of the year? Do you allow them to cash out unused hours? Thank you.

A: Our employees accrue time after 30 days of employment. It works out to 15 days each your for their first 5 years, then 20 days for 5-10 years and 25 days after 10 years of service. I do allow them to carry them over year to year and offer the option to pay some out each December.

A: Our full time employees get 10 vacation and 6 sick days per year. Sick days can carry over but vacation cannot. After 8 full years of employment, they receive an additional 5 days of vacation leave per year. When the employee accrues greater than 24 days of sick leave, they can begin to cash days out.

A: PTO goes to all full time employees. After 1 year of employment they get 40 hours of PTO. After 2 years they get 80 hours.

We ask for a 2 month heads up for usage of PTO unless an emergency.

We do our office schedule 1 year out. For example all the Drs conferences, etc. So we ask our staff to try to take time off during the time he is a way. Has worked out so far for us.

A: PTO is accrued based off of hours worked. Part time employees will always receive .0577 hours PTO per 1 hour worked. FTEs accrual rate is based on years of service:.0577 hours PTO/1 hour worked for staff who have been with us for 0-2 years (roughly 15 days/year);.0769/hour for staff with us for 3-5 years (roughly 20 days/year);.1000/hour for staff with us for 6-10 years (26 days/year);and .1191/hour for staff with us 11+ years (31 days).

This does not apply to providers - their time off is negotiated at original date of hire and may be subject to increase at yearly reviews.

PTO includes sick and vacation time but does not include holidays. Holiday pay is your regular scheduled hours for whatever week day that holiday lands on, although this has caused some grumbling among staff members who are off one day of the week. For instance, there is an audiologist who is off on Thursdays and never gets holiday pay for Thanksgiving.

We let PTO roll over from one year to the next. If an employee quits, we pay out the remaining PTO on their last paycheck. Oh, one last note about my previous response - since we are a small surgical office, our employees only need 30 hours/week to qualify for FTE status. That's why we have the PTO accrue by hours worked rather than a set number doled out at the beginning of each year.



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Feb. 14 @ 1 p.m. Eastern | "Get Certified: AOA COPM" presented by the AOA COPM Advisory Board FREE WEBINAR!
Feb. 21 @ 1 p.m. Eastern | "
Practice Flow - Where There's an Obstacle, There's a Solution" presented by Larry Brooks, AIA

March 14 @ 1 p.m. Eastern | "CPT Bootcamp: Audiology Coding Updates and Issues" presented by Kim Cavitt, AuD
March 28 @ 1 p.m. Eastern | "
Coding Compliance and Ethics" presented by Debbie Abel, AuD


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