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AOA NOW: January 12, 2018
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Jan. 12, 2018

Make the Most of Your AOA Membership
Learn about the value of AOA right from your computer! AOA Executive Director Robin Wagner, COPM, will guide you through the various resources and educational offerings brought to you by your association. This a wonderful opportunity to show others in your practice the value of joining AOA. Please forward the recording link to a physician, manager, leader, coder or other member of your staff to listen to all that AOA has to offer, both professionally and personally. With our new group membership option, now is the time to encourage your colleagues to join at a discounted rate. Contact Allison McIntosh at the AOA Office for group membership information.

Take this opportunity to educate yourself and your colleagues about AOA! Learn all about AOA with this complimentary recording.


Cutting Your Credit-Card Processing Fees


Credit-card use has now penetrated almost every industry and almost every country. More than 30 million businesses accept credit cards worldwide, and that number is likely to increase as consumers continue to reach for plastic rather than cash when making purchases. In 2015, the volume of credit-card purchases for goods and services grew by 18 percent, exceeding $3.1 trillion. Unfortunately, costs for accepting credit cards seem to be exploding as well. Business owners understand there is a cost for accepting credit cards. But few really understand exactly what they are paying and why, and therefore underestimate the true impact that accepting credit cards has on their business’s profitability. The good news: A basic understanding of the card processing business - how it works, the types of fees and who is making money on your credit card sales - can go a long way in curbing your costs. In fact, informed businesses can reduce fees by up to 40 percent. Read the full story at



Jazz Up Your Speaking Skills in the Big Easy
There are just three days left to submit to speak at AOA-36 in New Orleans! The AOA Annual Educational Conference depends upon its members as well as paid speakers to present quality content each year. Consider sharing your practice management knowledge with your peers by presenting a one-hour concurrent session at AOA-36 Sept. 12-15. Submit your abstract now!



Our members are AOA’s biggest asset! This periodic feature will showcase our dedicated members from across the country and why they continue to be a part of the only association dedicated to the unique specialty of otolaryngology practice management.


Why does Denise Maddie belong to the AOA?

"It's a great resource! 'Otolaryngology for Dummies' (like me)."


Tell Us Why You Belong to the AOA
Would you like to be featured in an upcoming AOA Now? Email us a picture of you with a two or three sentence answer of why you belong to the AOA!



Don’t Let Your “Bird In The Hand” Poop On You!
We all know the old saying that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Managers could take that to mean that if you have an opening in your company, filling it with someone already on your payroll is a good approach. That can be true but just as often it’s NOT. Each position in your company requires a specific set of skills, so while some jobs may be filled from within, some can’t be. If you have a coding job open, would you put someone who doesn’t know how to code in that seat? If you have a front line receptionist opening, would you move someone who works great behind the scenes but isn’t good at interacting with people in there? Consider each of your job requirements and skill sets carefully. It would be terrible to take someone good at one job in another and have them fail at another then leave or worse yet, be let go. That could leave you with TWO openings. The right person for each seat on the bus is always better than the first available person…


Get Started with engagemENT LIVE

Knowing the latest in ENT is easy! engagemENT LIVE is an interactive text survey program that asks practice management-related questions to get a pulse on otolaryngology practice. Our engagemENT LIVE platform covers topics like compliance, human resources, and billing/insurance. Text "engagement" to 25101 or sign up online to receive quick surveys and results every week!


Educate yourself and your office with AOA webinars. Learn about several upcoming titles below, and visit the AOA Webinars page to register. Secure your education for 2018 with the 2018 AOA webinar subscription for the low member rate of just $349. Double your education by purchasing the 2018 AND 2017 subscriptions for just $599.

Jan. 17 @ 1:00 p.m. Eastern | "
Ensure Efficient Patient Payments" presented by Steven D. Beene, MBA
Jan 31 @ 1:00 p.m. Eastern | "
De-identification of PHI under HIPAA" presented by Jim Sheldon-Dean

Feb. 7 @ 1:00p.m. Eastern | "Automate Your Practice and Save Time" presented byCatherine D. Sampels

Feb. 14 @ 1:00p.m. Eastern| "Get Certified: AOA COPM" presented by the AOA COPM Advisory BoardFREE WEBINAR!

Feb. 21 @ 1:00p.m. Eastern| "Practice Flow - Where There's an Obstacle, There's a Solution" presented by Larry Brooks, AIA


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