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November 10, 2017
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Nov. 10, 2017

Check Out AOA's New and Improved Blog
The AOA Blog has undergone a transformation! The blog now has its own dedicated URL - - and you can search for topics by keyword and category. These quick entries are great resources to learn tidbits of information about various facets of practice management. What are you waiting for? Check out the improved blog today.

How Ex-Packers Phenom Samkon Gado Became a Doctor on a Mission

Source: ESPN

Before he became Samkon Gado, the insta-legend who was the talk of the Green Bay Packers for one sensational stretch of games, he was Samkon Gado, the unknown rookie called up from the practice squad. And so it was as the running back stepped onto an NFL field for the first time 12 years ago and took his position behind quarterback Brett Favre. Gado was nervous. He was excited. He was, as he put it, "trying my best not to hyperventilate." After all, he had started only two games in four years at Liberty University, had not been drafted and had not played a single snap in an NFL preseason game. Yet there he was, in an NFL backfield, facing 11 thundering behemoths, every single one of whom was much better than every single player he had ever faced. Gado couldn't help but wonder, "What am I doing here?" It's a question he has asked himself often in his life, from when he scored his first NFL touchdown to when he started medical school to the first time he put tubes in a child's ears as an ear, nose and throat surgeon. Read more about Samkon Gado's journey from NFL player to ENT physician on ESPN's website.


Our members are AOA’s biggest asset! This periodic feature will showcase our dedicated members from across the country and why they continue to be a part of the only association dedicated to the unique specialty of otolaryngology practice management.
Why Does Nita Machado Belong to AOA?

"I joined the AOA 10 years ago at the request of my Physician. I come every year for the networking and to gain knowledge on how to be a better leader. My experiences with the AOA have helped me to make my practice a much better place. We get to meet people and form relationships that last a life time."



Where Is Suzie Today?
How often does one of your staff come up to you and ask where someone is? Or maybe someone asks if they can have a certain day off and you have to ask them to wait while you go figure out who else is already off that day first. Create a central location for displaying where all staff are each day, including those out for PTO/vacation/sick/etc., and an in and out board for those who come and go. Your timecard software probably has the ability to print out who is approved for time off, if you’re using it that way. You can use a white board or a magnetic board with buttons for each staff member to slide between in and out. Or order a large plastic covered calendar to just write in names of who has been approved to be out of the office for everyone to see. That should cut down on requests for time off when it would leave only you in the office alone!


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Nov. 15 @ 1:00 p.m. Eastern |
"Sinus Issues are a Pain but Coding and Billing Don't Have to Be" presented by Alicia Brosius AAPC APPROVED!!!
Nov. 29 @ 1:00 p.m. Eastern |
"Coding Updates for 2018" presented by Teresa Thompson, CPC, CMSCS, CCC AAPC APPROVED!!!
Dec. 6 @ :001 p.m. Eastern |
"Take This Job and...Love It: How to Turn Your Job into the One You Want in 2018" presented by Lee Silber

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