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AOA NOW: August 25, 2017
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Aug. 25, 2017


Help Shape Content at AOA-35

What are your practice's biggest challenges in today's healthcare environment? AllMeds needs your help completing a quick survey to gauge the hottest topics in healthcare. Complete the brief eight-question survey to help AllMeds shape content for its Practice Builder Session at AOA-35 in Las Vegas.


Blue Cross/Blue Shield Adds Coverage to More Than 7.5 Million Patients

Several states announced recently that Blue Cross/Blue Sheild (BCBS) will now provide full coverage of balloon sinuplasty. The states and their new policies are listed below:

Horizon BCBS New Jersey (effective June 27, 2017; covering 3,694,112 lives in NJ): Balloon ostial dilation of the frontal, maxillary, or sphenoid sinus as a stand-alone procedure is considered medically necessary for the treatment of uncomplicated chronic rhinosinusitis when ALL of the following criteria are met. Read the full policy.

BCBS of Massachusetts (effective May 1, 2017; covering 2,612,297 lives in MA): BCBS of MA will cover BSP for treatment of chronic sinusitis for all lines of business with the following medical criteria. Please consult the payor for prior authorization requirements. Standalone balloon sinus ostial dilation (balloon sinuplasty) as an alternative to traditional endoscopic sinus surgery is MEDICALLY NECESSARY for the treatment of uncomplicated chronic sinusitis when all of the following criteria are met. Read the full policy.

Geisinger Health Plan (effective June 26, 2017; covering 538,500 lives primarily in PA): Balloon sinuplasty when performed as a component of FESS, or as a stand-alone procedure is considered medically necessary when the following criteria are met. Read the full policy.

BCBS of Nebraska (effective May 1, 2017; covering 618,532 lives in NE): BCBS of Nebraska will cover BSP for treatment of chronic sinusitis with the following medical criteria. PRIOR AUTHORIZATION IS REQUIRED. Read the full policy.



The AOA's Executive Partners work closely with the AOA year round to help the association provide members with resources and education in the unique specialty of otolaryngology practice management. This special edition of the AOA Now features educational content from our Partners. For more information and resources from our Partners, please visit the Partner page on the AOA website.


The All-New AllMeds Practice Manager is Exactly What Administrators Have Been Waiting For!

  • Accurate Co-Pay/Deductible Tools for Maximized Payments
  • Powerful Portal for Patient Engagement & Online Bill-Pay
  • Drill-Down Dashboards for Easy & Powerful Analysis
  • Predictive Workflow Engine for Greater Efficiencies
  • Integrations with Existing EHRs for Maximum Convenience
  • Flexible Cloud Architecture to Fit Any Practice

Check out the all-new AllMeds Practice Manageronline today, and stop by Booth L101 at AOA-35 and see how much better AllMeds PM can make your day! | 888.343.6337 |

Don't Miss AOA-35's Most Vital and Helpful Session!

PB1: Prepare TODAY for a Successful TOMORROW 2017 Edition | Monday, Sept. 18 at 1:00 p.m.

Updates of Healthcare’s Latest Regulatory Changes, Threats, Technologies & Solutions!

Independent practices face serious challenges next year, including MACRA/MIPS, lower reimbursements, consolidation trends and, even, PHI-hungry cyber-terrorists. Learn how preparation and partnerships can transform your most daunting challenges into opportunities and a successful 2018! Presented by Sherry T. Hunt, Bob Blakely, and William Rust.


Visit Audigy Medical at AOA-35 in Las Vegas!

Check out their booth in the Lower Lobby Exhibit Hall booth L113. Also, attend their Practice Builder Session at AOA-35. PB2: How to Optimize Patient Flow and Outcomes within Your Practice, Monday, Sept. 18 at 1:00 p.m., presented by Christine Writer and Aramis VanSandt.

What is Quality Costing Your Practice?

In simplest terms, Costs of Quality are the costs related to NOT providing a quality product or service.ENT practices see costs of quality impact their bottom line every time a patient returns a hearing aid within trial because of a product defect or failure. However, opportunities to improve quality delivery of care can also be hiding in less noticeable places - throughout the service workflow.

  • What is the cost of conformance? What would a training program help or prevent?
  • What does non-conformance cost the business? What can be done to meet a patient's requirements before and after the delivery of the service?
  • What does a lost opportunity cost? What can be improved to prevent cancellations related to poor setup and upfront service?

Understanding these categories, assessing your opportunities for improvements, and applying a patient-centric model can minimize these potential bottom-line killers within your practice, making it easier for patients to want to be your customers.To learn more about the opportunities hiding in your practice, please contact us at 866.566.7705 or go to


Be Sure to Register to Join Us for Our Practice Builder Session at AOA-35!

PB7: Hauling Up Revenue | Monday, Sept. 18 at 3:00 p.m.

The challenge of holding a team accountable to financial key performance indicators, inspiring them to work hard with purpose and balancing patient satisfaction is a never-ending race. Find out what is working well and what needs to be done daily to keep a hearing aid ancillary sprinting with intention. The amgTM team will share real-life case studies of three different size Joint Venture ENT-Hearing Aid ancillaries. These techniques can be adjusted for any size business and are proven to drive growth month after month. Presented by Susan Good, Au. D., MBA.


Did You Know That Carestream Has Over 100 Years of Diagnostic Expertise?


CS 9300 System for Sinus and Temporal Bone Applications

For fast and accurate CT images, choose the CARESTREAM CS 9300: the point-of-care CT system that is easy to implement and afford. Featuring a range of fields of view and resolutions, the unit is ideal for visualizing temporal bone and sinus structures–and all with much less radiation than conventional multi-slice CT exams.


A complete solution you can count on. The Carestream CS 9300 System offers:

  • Immediate access to CT scans for faster diagnosis and treatment
  • Superb image quality at radiation doses up to 94% less than conventional CT systems
  • A new source of revenue and affordable way to expand services
  • Expert accreditation support at no additional cost

Stop by booth 106 at AOA-35 to see Carestream at AOA-35!


Attending AOA-35? Wanting some expert advice on office procedure implementation?Don't miss this Practice Builder!

Monday, September 18th, 1:00-2:30PM

Title:Successfully Transitioning Procedures from the OR to the Office – From Reimbursement to Workflow

Panel:Tricia Long, Keith Lynn, Martha Christian

Moderator:Rachel Gajda

Description:The movement of sinus procedures out of the OR and into the office has rapidly expanded across the last three years, enabled by the introduction of new technologies and a growing confidence in approaches to patient comfort. Mastering technique and technology are only one aspect of making this transition a win for your practice. Best in class administrators also align processes and equip staff to optimize operational efficiencies and deliver a positive patient experience.

In this session, you will hear the experiences of both a mid-size group Administrator as well as a large group CEO, and also learn from the expertise of a reimbursement and coding specialist.Whether you are just getting started, or looking to improve your approach to integration and better understand the reimbursement opportunities and hurdles, this session delivers.


You Know Your Practice, We Know Your Industry
Fuel Medical creates custom business programs and solutions for patient-focused, growth-minded ENTs, otologists, audiologists and universities. Our commitment to work with you in creating and implementing these tailored solutions for the challenges your practice faces on a daily basis sets us apart in the industry. Fuel Medical will assist you in improving patient outcomes and creating substantial growth to achieve your clinic’s potential. Practices working with Fuel Medical see an average of 15 percent annual revenue growth. Are you ready to take your practice further?

Fuel Medical is a close strategic partner of AOA and is proud to support the efforts of the association to facilitate development of and provide support to many of the nation’s most progressive administrators.

Please stop by and see what we are all about. Visit us at booth 100 at AOA-35 or join us at the Topgolf Evening Out event in Las Vegas. We look forward to working with you.

Call us at 360.210.5658 or visit for more information.


Visit Karl Storz Endoscopy at AOA-35 in Las Vegas!
Check out their booth in the Lower Lobby Exhibit Hall booth L203.
Also, attend their The Doctor Is In sessions at AOA-35. Join Crit Fisher from Karl Storz Endoscopy at The Doctor Is In booth Tuesday, Sept. 19 at 10:45 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.


Managing Hearing Loss at Midlife May Help Prevent Dementia
A study published in The Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals, called dementia “the greatest global challenge for health and social care in the 21st century.” The study, conducted by The Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention and Care, noted that 50 million people have dementia worldwide - and that the number is expected to triple by 2050.

The commission’s purpose was to provide recommendations for prevention and management of dementia. The commission’s 24 international experts concluded that one in three cases of dementia could be prevented if people managed just nine lifestyle factors — one of which is managing hearing loss during midlife (between age 40-65).

The other eight include increasing childhood education and exercise, maintaining social engagements, reducing or stopping smoking, and management of depression, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. They determined that managing these nine modifiable risk factors at various stages of life could “contribute to prevention or delay of dementia.”

Now, at least, there’s research that points to ways we can “reduce the incidence of dementia or substantially delay its onset” — and nearly all are within our control. This is terrific news.

Learn More About the MiniCAT IQ at AOA-35
With Xoran’s MiniCAT IQ, convert your extra exam room into a fully integrated diagnostic and treatment suite. An Integrated Office Solution is the wave of the future, and the future is now! Whether your practice has one physician, fifteen or 150 … a quality solution is an integrated one. And that “quality solution” starts with CT. Improve quality care and maximize revenue with a MiniCAT IQ.

Stop by booth L201 or the Office of the Future at AOA-35 to learn more.


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