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AOA NOW: August 11, 2017
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Aug. 11, 2017


Last Day to Save Up to $115 on AOA-35 Registration
AOA-35 Early Bird Registration pricing ends today - are you signed up yet to attend? Don't miss out on saving more than $100 off full-conference member registration and the Tuesday Evening Out Event by registering online today. You have until midnight Eastern to take advantage of the savings to attend the ONLY annual educational conference dedicated to the unique specialty of otolaryngology practice management!



There's Still Time to Watch the HIPAA Compliance Webinar

If you missed this week's webinar, don't worry!"HIPAA Compliance: Texting and Emailing with Patients," presented by Jim Sheldon-Dean, is now available as a webinar recording on the AOA website.Purchase the recording nowto learn about how to respond appropriately to electronic communications, such as plain email or text messages, and find out about HIPAA requirements for access and patient preferences.


Learn about the Latest in Medicare with Medicare Learning Network Provider Calls and Events
Interested in hearing about the latest Medicare updates from CMS experts? Check out the Medicare Learning Network Provider Calls and Events webpage from CMS. The site contains links to conference call and webcast presentations where CMS subject matter experts cover changes to the Medicare program and include question and answer sessions. All events are free, but registration is required.



Tips from Top CEOs to Crack Your To-Do List (from Fast Company)
Here is a sampling of how several very different CEOs manage their to-do lists in very different ways – they won’t all work together so try out whatever fits your style.

  1. Make your to-do list as short as possible. Use a single sticky note and list no more than three to eight things. This CEO actually writes her top thing right on her hand so she looks at it all day long until it gets done.
  2. Tackle only what you can memorize and only rarely write things down.
  3. Use a computer app like Evernote, Google Keep or Gmail to list your to-do things. That way if it’s still listed, it still must be done, and it’s not a paper laying around to get stuck to the bottom of your shoe.
  4. Carry a notebook with you always to record to-dos in a list and cross them off as you complete them. Never ever be without that book. Maybe create an “Ideas” page near the back to track things that come to mind that you should consider at a future time.
  5. Delegate! Give your multitude of tasks to a human assistant or even an AI email assistant such as Clara to help with your scheduling. (Clara is a software that lives inside your email so instead of telling Siri what to do, you CC Clara on your email and it gets scheduled.)
  6. Prioritize. Make sure your daily to-do lists include things that take care of YOU.


Too Cool for School

Do you think you are too cool for school? We don't agree - you're never too cool to further your education. Plan to obtain your Certification in Otolaryngology Practice Management (COPM) today! The COPM defines the knowledge required to successfully manage today's otolaryngology practice. Completing a COPM certification makes you stand out among your ENT peers and can be extremely rewarding to you and your ENT practice. Plan to further your education and advance your career today by obtaining your Certification in Otolaryngology Practice Management (COPM)!


Educate yourself and your office with AOA webinars. Learn about several upcoming titles below. Visit the AOA Webinars page to register. Secure your education for 2017 with the 2017 AOA webinar subscription for the low member rate of just $349.

Webinar Series (REDUCED RATES):

Aug. 30 @ 1 p.m. Eastern | "Part I: Making Sense of Medicare"presented by Debbie Abel AAPC APPROVED FOR 1 CEU!!!

Oct. 11 @ 1 p.m. Eastern | "Part II: Cracking the Code"presented by Debbie Abel

Oct. 25 @ 1 p.m. Eastern | "Part III: Itemizing Hearing Aid Services and Third-Party Payers" presented by Debbie Abel


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