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AOA NOW: April 14, 2017
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April 14, 2017

Are You Making the Most of Connecting on AOA's Website?
Have you been on the AOANow website, read something and just wanted to share it with a fellow member but you had no clue how to reach them? It’s so easy to connect! Remember, you must be logged into the AOA website to utilize these features. Use the following ways to connect with fellow members to share ideas:

Find Author Info: Did someone post something you really liked and you want to continue connecting with that person? In site comments and discussion forum posts, the poster’s name will appear as a blue link. Click that link to access their profile to see their full contact information.

Message through Send a message to fellow members. When you click a member’s profile – either through the poster link or through a member search under members only – there is a “Message” icon at the top to send a note directly through the system to your colleagues.

Build Your Network:
Just like a traditional social media site, allows you to connect to members to build your colleague list. Visit a member’s profile online, then click the “Connect” button at the top. From your own member profile home, you can view a list of your personal connections on the left-hand side. Try it out today by connecting to AOA Leadership Council members or AOA Office staff!



Secure Funds to Attend AOA-35
Start planning to be in Las Vegas Sept. 18-20 by securing the support you need from your physician. The AOA put together a fillable ROI planner to prove that AOA-35 is a sound investment for your practice. Use this and the schedule at a glance to put together a rockin' proposal that will ensure you are with us Sept. 18-20 in Las Vegas. And make sure to book your hotel at the Venetian Resort in the AOA-35 block before it sells out. Cross these things off your list so you are ready to register once it opens!



The Skinny on I-9 Forms – Avoid the Fines!
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is tripling its I-9 audits this year. If you are audited and assessed penalties for form errors, fines can range from $216-$2,156 per violation, and there can be multiple violations per form. And hiring illegal immigrants can result in fines up to $21,563 per violation. Follow these best practices:

  • Have a standard process in place, especially if you have multiple people responsible for filling out forms.
  • Educate your employees on the implications of not filling out forms correctly.
  • Ensure originals, not photocopies, of identification documentation are provided for review so that you can ensure they are not fraudulent.
  • Purge all I-9s once they have met the maximum retention period. Forms must be retained either 3 years after the date or hire or one year after the employment ends, whichever is later. Be aware there are record keeping fines if you retain the forms past the destruction date too!
  • Conduct in-house audits every year and fix mistakes as soon as you find them.


EFT Insurance Payments
Are you experiencing an uptick in EFT insurance payments? What kind of workflow does your practice implement for these payments? Learn how your colleagues are handling EFT insurance payments. Contribute your thoughts and check out more great topics - or add your own! - on the AOA Discussion Forums.

Q: How does your office handle EFT payments from insurance companies? Currently our billing staff will post the EFTs daily and give me a breakdown sheet for each EFT and how it goes to each provider. I then put that into our QuickBooks. With so many companies going to EFT now I am noticing more and more of these deposits for me to enter. Just curious about your work flow and wondering what other offices do.

A: We let our PM system split the payments as they should go as we track by voucher number. The EFT is entered into Peachtree as a bulk payment and then we match totals at the end of the month - don't know if that helps, but we don't split by provider in Peachtree, so hoping I didn't confuse the issue.

A: I have an Excel spreadsheet that my billers compile and provide to me, one sheet per day, which outlines all payments from the day before, and I use that to verify that all payments are accounted for. The Excel sheet lists the cash deposit (they attach a copy of the deposit slip), the check deposit (they attach the report from our online banking check scanner deposit), a list of all EFTs by payor, actual date of deposit into our account, and amount and then they attach the daily transaction reconciliation report from the EMR. I cross reference and verify all amounts and enter those line items into Quickbooks, which makes monthly account reconciliation simple. As to who gets what funds, we use a monthly report from our EMR to split it all up. I'd be glad to share my sheets with you so you can see how we do it in more detail. Feel free to contact me.

A: We let the EMR autopost the EFT payments. I reconcile by report at the EOM for providers. The EFTs automatically go into Quickbooks daily. At the end of month, I will do the bank reconciliation and then this total goes against the EMR total. I put it into spreadsheet for the totals per provider to post into the GL for the financial statements per provider in Quickbooks. I allow the electronic processes to do as much as possible. Reconciliation should only be once a month for you. With everything we are responsible for daily, allow technology to help!


Don't Tax Yourself: Use the AOA Practice Management Resource Library to Update Your Practice Policies
Although it's tax season, there's no need to tax yourself when it comes to running an ENT practice. The AOA Practice Management Resource Library has a robust collection of policies, procedures, forms and more that you can customize to fit your practice. This members only benefit can freshen up your practice paperwork. Don't tax yourself: Visit the Practice Management Resource Library the next time you need a form, policy or procedure update!


Educate yourself and your office with AOA webinars. Learn about several upcoming titles below. Visit the AOA Webinars page to register. Secure your education for 2017 with the 2017 AOA webinar subscription for the low member rate of just $349.

April 26 @ 1 p.m. Eastern | "
Employment Changes in 2017: What Does the New Administration Mean for Your Office?" presented by Lori Kleiman, SPHR
May 3 @ 1 p.m. Eastern | "
Learn about COPM and Advance Your Career!" presented by the COPM Advisory Board
May 10 @ 1 p.m. Eastern | "
Different Ways Proper Accounting Can Maintain a Healthy Business" presented by Brian Price and Amy Sac

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