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As practice managers, administrators, coders and more, you are constantly challenged to promote the best in otolaryngology medicine across your region and across the country while simultaneously running a successful business. The Association of Otolaryngology Administrators is your partner to help make that happen. 

The AOA is the only association dedicated to otolaryngology practice management. Our specialty-specific education, resources and networking opportunities will help take your practice to the next level and remain competitive in an uncertain time of healthcare.


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is tripling its I-9 audits this year. If you are audited and assessed penalties for form errors, fines can range from $216-$2,156 per violation, and there can be multiple violations per form. And hiring illegal immigrants can result in fines up to $21,563 per violation. Follow these best practices:

  • Have a standard process in place, especially if you have multiple people responsible for filling out forms.
  • Educate your employees on the implications of not filling out forms correctly.
  • Ensure originals, not photocopies, of identification documentation are provided for review so that you can ensure they are not fraudulent.
  • Purge all I-9s once they have met the maximum retention period. Forms must be retained either 3 years after the date or hire or one year after the employment ends, whichever is later. Be aware there are record keeping fines if you retain the forms past the destruction date too!
  • Conduct in-house audits every year and fix mistakes as soon as you find them.
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