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As practice managers, administrators, coders and more, you are constantly challenged to promote the best in otolaryngology medicine across your region and across the country while simultaneously running a successful business. The Association of Otolaryngology Administrators is your partner to help make that happen. 

The AOA is the only association dedicated to otolaryngology practice management. Our specialty-specific education, resources and networking opportunities will help take your practice to the next level and remain competitive in an uncertain time of healthcare.


Trying to see inside the head of a potential employee during an interview is important to minimize the risk that you’re hiring the wrong person. And you can ask questions all day long, but if they’re not the right questions, you won’t get that insight you need. Try this question next time you interview: “Do you hit your snooze button in the morning when your alarm goes off?” Experts say that we all should have a mission each day at which we should strive to excel, whether it’s going to work or cleaning your house or fixing the leaky faucet. Getting up when your alarm goes off sends the message subconsciously that your mission for the day is important, more important than sleeping in. Hitting a snooze button sends the message that sleep is more important than the mission. And there are studies that show that snoozing causes memory lag and difficulty concentrating throughout the rest of the day. Don’t we all want to hire someone who wants to come to our office each day and excel?

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